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Anne-Charlotte Ficheroulle

Anne-Charlotte Ficheroulle – Pharmacist, Digital Innovation Manager at A4D, Germany

Anne-Charlotte is a Pharmacist with a dual degree in marketing and management. After 5 years of corporate mission within the Pharmaceutical Industry in the US and in Cambodia she decided to take a different path and to participate in the creation of the first health media platform in Cambodia.

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Dr. Ban Manet

Dr. Ban Manet – Pediatrician resident, Kantha Bopha Hospital, Cambodia

Dr. Ban manet is a Pediatric resident in a third year at the University of Health & Science in Phnom Penh Cambodia.

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Le Khuong

Le Khuong – T1D advocate, Vietnam

Le Khuong is a person with an innovative and determined spirit in the field of mental healthcare. He is interested in enhancing the strengths of psychological services by creating Vietnamese cultural relevance and friendly assistance to clients.

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