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With almost a decade in frontline operation through close collaboration with local healthcare partners, A4D has gained critical insights into the state of Type 1 Diabetes across South-East Asia. We have collected robust database realted to Type 1 Diabetes management and outcomes through our systematic approach on programme monitoring and tracking. In 2021, A4D initiated the effort on data analysis with the voluntary support from the A4D HCP Advisory Group, aiming to publish evidence based findings and meaningful insights on Type 1 Diabetes care in South-East Asia.

Action4Diabetes: a non-profit organisation bridging the type 1 diabetes gap in Southeast Asia

This paper was presented as the 2023 Arnold Bloom lecture at the 2023 Diabetes UK Professional Conference, UK. Addressing the poor T1D outcomes in LMICs such as SEA requires a multi-faceted approach. Despite these challenges, there are now efforts underway to bridge the gaps of T1D care. A4D's collaborations with government partnership working and international organisations such as the International Society of Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD) and Life for a Child (LFAC) are now working collaboratively to increase awareness and education around the condition, particularly in rural areas where access to information is limited.


Reference: PRACTICAL DIABETES Vol. 40 No. 4

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